commerce built on web3.

Buyers and Sellers are still using old Payment rails.

Accept cryptocurrency and traditional payment in one with web3. iDefy developed a one-click checkout experience designed for eCommerce websites and in-store payments. iDefy can process all online and offline payment types, including crypto, stable coins, debit cards, and even a merchant’s native coin with web3 technology.

iDefy has built-in financing with interest earned on deposits, business loans, and rewards programs built on web3.


iDefy shoppers can pay merchants with 100+ cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cordano, Dogecoin, Ripple, etc. using their crypto exchange accounts or crypto wallets with an easy one-click checkout experience and no Paypal or Stripe redirects.

Connect your business to a global, instant payments network. Marketplaces use iDefy’s web3 technologies to enable payments between buyers and sellers or fans and creators. Merchants use a simple widget to accept payments from customers globally.

  • Quick and safe payments
  • Prepaid virtual debit cards
  • web3 loyalty points and cash back rewards on blockchain
  • Buyer-seller protections
  • Buying cryptocurrencies using credit cards

One-Click Checkout!

Simply the easiest way to shop with Crypto & traditional payments with web3.

Shop Worldwide

No declines, No restrictions No exchange rates.

PII Data Protection

Personal Identify Information (PII) protected.

Sign Up Once, Shop instore and online

Eliminate multiple accounts, login details, passwords and usernames

Not stored value

It’s not an eWallet and funds are not held by iDefy. Your are in control!


We support native apps. 


With a host of benefits like zero fees, protection from crypto price volatility, a feature-rich dashboard, invoice generation, and no chargebacks: iDefy provides the most competitive and advanced payment service with web3 to merchants who wish to accept payments in crypto and traditional settlements.

  • Instant Settlements
  • High-Interest Revenues On Balances
  • Access To Financing Options
  • Lower Transaction Costs
  • Zero FX Fees
  • Buyer-Seller Protections
  • White-Labeled Coins And Loyalty Programs
  • IDefy Plugins And SDK Packages
  • Support For The Banked And Unbanked

Low Merchant Fees

Little to no Fees!

No Crypto Volatility

Crypto volatility never affects settlements; if a consumer sends $100 for your product you receive $100.

User-Friendly Payment Interface

One-Click Checkout with No Redirects

Support for Crypto and Traditional payments

We Support 100+ crypto through all popular wallets and exchanges, as well as Traditional Payments On Web3

Easy Refunds

Approve Customer Refund Requests Through Merchant Dashboard.

No Chargebacks and Declines

Eliminate chargebacks. Enjoy frictionless sales and no fraud or ID theft.

Support for Native Mobile and Web Applications

Your customers can use iDefy through the web, mobile apps, and in-store.

Intuitive Merchant Dashboard

Manage your funds, send invoices and track customer payments; all in one easy interface!

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The short answer is not we are not a wallet.

The short answer is not we are not a wallet.

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