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iDefy's platform enables companies to effortlessly create advanced fintech products and save time, data, and money with web3.

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Traditional Finance Is Still Using Old Rails​

  • Long settlement periods (from 3 to 15 days)
  • Costly process ($40-50B annually paid as fees in the US alone)
  • Cross-border limitations leading to payment friction
  • Data controlled by third parties
  • Fraud and security vulnerability
  • Micro-transactions are not practical
  • Missed opportunities for the unbanked population
  • Innovations can only happen on top of the network, which is costly

White label payment network

Traditional payment systems cost consumers and merchants billions of dollars every year. Imagine a global payment network of users and merchants transacting freely with your payment method, digital wallet, coin, and more on the web3.

Build your payment network, cut out third-party intermediaries and explore new revenue models

Traditional payment systems are costly both for consumers and merchants due to high fees, declined transactions, low approval rates and complicated multi-currency support. iDefy web3 cuts out the middleman, connecting consumers and merchants directly.

Higher profitability, cash flow and conversions

Increase revenues and decrease operational costs and transaction fees with less dependence on third parties like external banks.

Increased brand loyalty and global recognition

Reward loyal users with your own tokens for brand activation, viral marketing, enhanced sales and to improve your bottom line.

Full network control

Create your own fees, promotions and loyalty programs.

New business opportunities

Support micro payments while accessing the two billion unbanked population around the globe.

Joining the era of digital currencies

Leverage the first-mover advantage.

Stable coins

iDefy is the world’s first platform optimized for creating price-stable coins. By issuing your own branded stable coin, you will regain full control over your money and data.

Stable coins were designed to minimize and eliminate cryptocurrency price volatility. iDefy supplies the technology needed to power stable coins by providing customers with their own branded stable coin they can trust. Companies can adjust their stability mechanism to any asset of their choosing.

Higher profits

Boost revenues by cutting back on operational expenses and processing fees with less dependence on external stable coins

Price stability

Eliminate digital currency price volatility with iDefy’s technology

Low transaction costs

Drive down costs by eliminating dependence on external coins

New market opportunities

Amplify your market reach by offering more payment methods


Loyalty Networks

iDefy developed an end-to-end solution for building blockchain-based loyalty networks to increase profits and customer retention. Users will be rewarded with loyalty tokens added to their wallets, while businesses can create new revenue streams.

In today’s marketplace, consumers are overwhelmed by countless loyalty programs, accumulating an unmanageable number of loyalty cards with varying exclusions.

Merchants confront challenges with the management of their own rewards programs, which may pose rising operational costs and system inefficiencies.

Loyalty programs are not realizing their full potential, due to account inactivity, low redemption rates, time limitations and customer retention costs.

Companies can create and issue tokens that serve as loyalty points using iDefy’s solution.

Branded wallet and token

Build a branded wallet with tokens for your business, where users can hold various loyalty tokens rewarded by different merchants

Simple integration

Create a loyalty network for your marketplace quickly and easily


Offer users the possibility to trade your loyalty tokens with others

Frictionless payments

Facilitate wallet top-ups by using fiat currency

Tokens rewarded as loyalty points

Enable customers to earn tokens in accordance with predefined rules like purchases, friend referrals and brand engagement

Global alliance

Cooperate with other marketplaces and merchants and allow for the exchange of tokens between them to encourage loyalty and customer retention.

Integrate online or Instore.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 120 other cryptocurrencies. Start accepting crypto payments and get paid in USD with web3.


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